Haiku Poem: The Dark Ocean

The deep ocean floor

Lights up from the octopus.

But his ink blends in. 

I am awestruck by the unique creatures who live in the deep ocean. They survive without sunlight by creating their own food through chemosynthesis and use their crafty bioluminescence to attract plankton.

Octopuses are mystical creatures. They have three hearts, eight arms, blue blood, squirt ink, and are boneless. How can you not love them?

In the haiku, I have some ironic twists. First, the octopus lights up the ocean floor, not the sun. It is the gatekeeper of life down below. Second, the octopus is in stark contrast to the dark because of its bioluminescence.

Finally, and most ironically, the ink blends into the background. Usually ink stains it’s surroundings, but in the deep ocean, it is camouflage.

Thanks for reading. Happy Haiku!

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