Son of Grace: A Poetic Tribute to Jesus

This poem reveals the life and significance of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. It begins by focusing on His birth in Bethlehem, attracting shepherd and wise men alike throughout the land as a consequence of an age-old prophecy. The poem highlights the gentle nature of Jesus, his miraculous healing powers, and whimsical parables. The... Continue Reading →

Unshaken Trust: God’s Grace in a Changing Culture

In a world where cultural shifts seem to be the norm, finding a solid foundation on which to build our lives becomes crucial. As the hymn writer and Baptist preacher Edward Mote (1797-1874) famously pronounced: "On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand." In these precarious times, I find it... Continue Reading →

Poem: How The Ordinary And Miraculous Converge

Wake up to sip hot coffeewhile the sun burnsat 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit.Take a shower and brush teethwhile the earth spinsA thousand miles per hour.Get in car and drive to workwhile black holes envelopbillions of gases and dust.Jog around my hometownwhile the universe expandstrillions of miles away.Sleep in bed to repeat againwhile the closest rockshines 238,855... Continue Reading →

Poem: Vanity of Vanities

There comes a breaking pointIn the journey of one's lifeWhereby they choose eitherTo be content with themselvesOr strive for the ideal self.In both cases, it seems to meVanity of vanitiesand chasing after the wind.For goals may be reached.Accomplishments celebrated.But at the end of the dayThe lazy and the ambitiousAre destined for the grave.Forgotten in the... Continue Reading →

Poem: Hope On The Horizon

It quickly grew root. Like the summer dew. Weeds instead of fruit. Sky no longer blue. Path became muddled. Trees burned to the ground. The soul is troubled. Oh, can it be found? Stars give up the dance. Birds no longer sing. Does hope have a chance? Like dry grass in spring? Is there a... Continue Reading →

Poem: Beauty For Ashes

Beauty out of ashes from a broken dream. Because that dream doesn't define you. Rise above despair and remember this... God created you with mighty talent to achieve dreams much greater than your most sacred of dreams. Poem by Chad A. Damitz

Poem: Worship The One Who

Worship the one who Set the stars in motion. Worship the one who Filled the seas and ocean. Worship the one who Built valleys and mountains. Worship the one who Formed geysers and fountains. Worship the one who crafted giraffes and birds All by the power of His Word. Poem by Chad A. Damitz

Poem: Wake Up Hope

Wake up. Hope is waiting for you. Do not hide in distant dreams As if it seems No one is there to rescue. Do not shed tears of sorrow For there is always tomorrow. Hope is waiting for you. So wake up. Poem by Chad A. Damitz

Poem: The Fisherman At Sea

In the heart of the sea That's where you will find me. Simon Peter is the name. Catching fish is my game. But that's not my fame. I once met a man in Galilee. The Messiah, who set me free. He told me: "Come follow me." And I will make you a fisher of men... Continue Reading →

Poem: Skylight or Night?

A crisp blue day A cloudless sky Reflect away Questioning why A cosmic vault Of infinite stars Is nature's fault Or truly ours? God's creation With beauty in mind Deserves ovation For being kind. But why allow pain? Blame nature or God? Skies pour out rain The world is flawed. Fires destroy wildlife People cheat... Continue Reading →

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