Poem: God Alone Endures Forever

Red rose petals wilt away. Blue moon silently grows old. Nebulous clouds fall asleep. But God remains, I am told. Mountains lose their youthfulness Ocean waves give up at shore. Lakes fatigue in summer droughts. But Jesus lives forevermore. Fierce lion roar fades in the wind. Human wisdom is snuffed out. Sun rays dim in... Continue Reading →

Heartfelt Poem To God

The world has an invisible foe. Causing anger and countless woes. Mourners can't bury the dead. They must stay in isolation instead. Death, you are a wicked creature! No offense. I don't want to hear it preacher. I want to ask Almighty God instead. You are all-powerful, so you have said! If you are compassionate... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: The Slithering Snake

Slithering snake sneaks Behind the white joyful mouse. Hawk snatches the snake. A surprise twist at the end. The mouse is rescued by the hawk. Unfortunately, nature is cruel and the snake was eaten by the hawk. I don't rejoice in this conflict because all the creatures need to eat in order to survive, and... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Waiting For Change

Sitting in my car. Waiting at the traffic light. Ready for the green. We spend so many hours a year waiting for the next moment. For example, we wait for our birthday, graduation, job promotion, and of course, at stoplights. Since waiting is part of life, it would do you good to practice patience. Be... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Thirsty For God

Oh Holy Spirit. Like a deer pants for water So I thirst for you. The Psalmist from the Bible talks about being thirsty for God. He uses a wonderful analogy, comparing our thirst for knowing God like a deer who pants for water. We need God every day. His Holy Spirit can satisfy all our... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: The Dark Ocean

The deep ocean floor Lights up from the octopus. But his ink blends in.  I am awestruck by the unique creatures who live in the deep ocean. They survive without sunlight by creating their own food through chemosynthesis and use their crafty bioluminescence to attract plankton. Octopuses are mystical creatures. They have three hearts, eight... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Unique Creation

All snowflakes unique. The iris in our eyes too. Watching the ice fall.  Have you noticed how each snowflake has its own unique pattern? The same is true for the iris in our eyes. The complex pattern of nature in snow and the eyes in Earth's creatures resonate with my soul. To me, this view... Continue Reading →

Poem: The Glory Of God Most High

How glorious can it be That the Son of Man Would die for you and me? How glorious can it be That the Father sent the Son To set the captives free? How glorious can it be That the Holy Spirit of truth Dwells inside both me and you? How glorious can it be That... Continue Reading →

Worry Overcomer

Worry is such a crude beast It freezes and cripples me. It never shows any mercy. It's like being tossed in the sea In the middle of a raging storm. I must cry out. Yes I do! "Jesus, My Lord, I need you!" Help me calm down Deliver me from this dread Because in the... Continue Reading →

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