Haiku Poem: Dark Clouds

When dark clouds linger And there is no sun in sight Stay hopeful and pray. No matter what trial or hardship you face in life, there is always hope. God is our hope and peace, even in the midst of our storms. When all else fails, He remains strong. God can't be shaken. He is... Continue Reading →

Poem: Do You Ever Wonder Why?

Deep ocean blue Vast clear sky Lofty stone mountains Do you wonder why? Bountiful misty jungles Desolate deserts dry Massive carved canyons Do you wonder why? Flat treeless tundra Redwood forests high Icy turquoise glaciers Do you wonder why? © Chad Damitz, 2020

Haiku Poem: Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt. Mined deep within the Earth's crust. Sprinkled on my food. Did you know Himalayan salt comes from a thick geological layer called Ediacaran? Geologists date this layer to be around 94 million years old. Whenever you sprinkle this salt to enhance the flavor of your food, just remember these crystals are capsules of... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Joyful Fall

Yellow, orange, red, brown. All the leaves fall to the ground. Yay! Bonfire season. Every Fall, I would help plan a bonfire party for our college ministry in Indiana. We had a great couple who would host us at their house in the middle of the country. They had huge trees in their backyard, which... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Life Under The Microscope

Cellular life found Under the microscopes eyes. Answering the why. Do you know how many cells are in the human body? Approximately 37.2 trillion. This number is too large to comprehend. The world through the microscope is even more intricate than the visible realm. The foundation for all our questions can be found from the... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Smell Of Spring

Scents sailing in spring. Primrose and tulips divine. Creation breathes in. Spring reminds us of a fresh new start. The wonderful smell of the flowers encourages us to find hope in the new season. The phrase, "Relax and smell the flowers," is so true. When creation breathes in, it brings peace and tranquility to the... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Waiting For Change

Sitting in my car. Waiting at the traffic light. Ready for the green. We spend so many hours a year waiting for the next moment. For example, we wait for our birthday, graduation, job promotion, and of course, at stoplights. Since waiting is part of life, it would do you good to practice patience. Be... Continue Reading →

Poem: The Artist and Eternal God Of The Cosmos

Eternal God, you fashioned the stars above. The cosmos declare the glory of your love. Eternal God, you formed man from the dust. The human race declares the glory of your trust. Eternal God, you created a divine decree. In Jesus's name, all creatures will bow their knees. Eternal God, you sent the Holy Spirit... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Sacred Church Bells

Church bells ring at eight. Sacred wakes up secular. Tradition remains. I enjoy church bells. Growing up, I often drove past a large catholic church who would ring their bells every hour to invite the city for religious services. The sacred space within the church walls told the secular world to wake up. Moreover, the... Continue Reading →

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