Poem: Hey Pharaoh—Let My People Go!

Don’t treat Hebrews subhuman!

If you don’t let my people go

Your city will lie in ruins.

The Lord my God says so.

Pharaoh laughed—I have my own gods.

They will serve and protect me.

My magicians create snakes from rods.

I will not let your people go free.

Then 10 plagues will surely arise

Your Nile will turn to blood

Then frogs, lice, boils, and flies.

You will not escape from this flood.

What Yahweh said came to pass

Moses pleaded—Let my people go!

But Pharaoh’s heart was as hard as brass.

Over and over, his final answer was no!

But when the last plague came next

With darkness and people dying

Pharaoh’s soul finally became vexed.

In this moment, he began complying.

Okay Moses, I will let your people go.

Get up now and leave from this place

For your God has caused a painful woe

I no longer want to see your face.

But Pharaoh’s mind quickly changed.

He chased the Hebrews morning and night

For Pharaoh was mentally deranged.

His pride and anger led to his plight.

As the Egyptian army crossed the sea

Moses lifted up his staff with his hand.

Waters rushed in with no place to flee

Pharaoh perished as God had planned.

So Moses camped across the sea.

They celebrated a Passover meal.

For the Israelites were finally free.

They can worship, rest, and heal.

Poem by Chad A. Damitz

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