Haiku Poem: Eternal Seed

The seed is buried.

It quickly sprouts from the ground

To the afterlife.

When we plant a seed into the ground, it has the capacity to grow into a beautiful flower or a massive tree. Isn’t that amazing? Meditate on this truth for a second.

Growing up, I enjoyed going to the local park. The trees there were humongous. I remember tapping on a tree with my fist like I was knocking on a huge door. And when I did this, I would think to myself: “This used to be a small seed.”

In this haiku, I wanted to change gears at the end. While I was talking about the physical seed, I wanted to compare that with the hope of the afterlife. The seed represents our spirit. Our physical bodies may waste away, but our soul continues to live on forever. This is our eternal hope when we put our faith in God above.

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