Haiku Poem: Sandstorm

Scorched sand scrapes my face.

On a camels back I go.

Hope awakes at night.

Envision how difficult it would be to survive through a sandstorm. The hot wind in your face, the desert sand scraping your body, and the scorching sun withering you like a dried plant.

This is why riding a camel is necessary to survive these conditions. Camels are amazing creatures who can muscle through storms and remain hydrated in extreme conditions. If you traverse through the desert, you need a camel.

Hope awakes at night is a play on words. The day normally awakes, but here the night is what brings hope. Hope from the scorching sun. A temporary relief from the heat since the desert gets cold at night.

Most travelers are excited when the night arrives and it gives them hope to make it to their final destination.

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