Haiku Poem: Gentle Rain

Gentle wind and rain. Tapping at my windowpane. Rhythm of nature. Nature is the best symphony out there. It composes such wonderful music. Gentle wind and rain calm the soul. This rhythm of nature is a gift from God. I am so thankful for nature's musical talent.    

Poem: Jesus Calms Our Inner Storms

Do not weep at night. Things will be alright. Please lift up your head. Get out of this bed. Wake up your dreary soul. Jesus wants to make you whole. Will you trust in Him? To cleanse you from sin. Go smell the fresh air. Say your daily prayer. God does hear your pain. No,... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: You In The Mirror

You in the mirror. Believe in yourself today. Because you are me. Positive self-esteem is an important component of our well-being. We are created in the image of God and therefore have infinite value. I know for a fact that the most critical person in the world of me...is me. I must remind myself daily... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: The Everglades

The muhly grass sways As the crocodile moves through. The frog remains still. Muhly grass is common in the everglades and is usually windy when it blooms. But the grass not only sways by the wind, but by crocodiles and alligators crawling through (only place in the world where both coexist). While the grass and... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Summer Lake Fun

Lake pier in eyesight. Run. Jump. Splash. Cold. Swim. Relax. Joyful memories. Growing up, our family would take trips in the summer to Lake Monticello, Indiana. I vividly remember jumping off the lake pier into the cold water with my cousins. We would jump off the deck and see who could land on the Intertubes... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Red Cellar Door

Stand. Turn. Look. Move toward The red cellar door of dreams. It's locked from inside. I want the reader to experience this narration. The action verbs used are meant to express an attitude of persistence. You must stand. Get up. Have a vision. Move towards your dreams. Persistence is the key to success. The red... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Skipping Stones

Childhood memories. Skipping stones across the lake. A bike ride to take. I had fond memories growing up. There was a lake behind my house. My friends and I would throw rocks across the lake to see who had the most skips. Then we would get on our bikes and ride to Woody's general store... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Sandstorm

Scorched sand scrapes my face. On a camels back I go. Hope awakes at night. Envision how difficult it would be to survive through a sandstorm. The hot wind in your face, the desert sand scraping your body, and the scorching sun withering you like a dried plant. This is why riding a camel is... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Pinwheels Of The Sky

Vast Galaxies Swirl. Rotating disks of bright stars Like a pinwheel toy. Growing up, my art teacher would have us make pinwheels. These toys were made of plastic curls that would attach to a stick by a pin. Their colorful design was mesmerizing when they would spin in the wind. The galaxies in the universe... Continue Reading →

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