Poem: The Attributes Of God In Nature

Lord, your mercies renew Like the summer dew. Lord, your grace extends Like the rainbow bends. Lord, your love quickly grows Like a new river flows. Lord, your power is clear Like the strength of a deer. Lord, your wisdom unfolds Like the ancients of old. Lord, your goodness will shine Until the end of... Continue Reading →

Poem: Dear Embittered Soul

The embittered soul Cast it's shadow on The world stage at dawn Draining what was full. Emotions within Snatched away all hope. Lost power to cope Ushering in sin. Can the birds still sing? Will the sun still shine? Is everything fine? Soul, did you lose your wings? Forgive, and you will fly. Love, and... Continue Reading →

Poem: One Life To Live

One life to live. No bonds to break. The world is mad. For righteousness sake. One life to live. So form the peace. Unite the world. Violence must cease. One life to live. So build the love. Quench the scorpion. Be harmless as doves. © Chad Damitz, 2020

Poem: God Alone Endures Forever

Red rose petals wilt away. Blue moon silently grows old. Nebulous clouds fall asleep. But God remains, I am told. Mountains lose their youthfulness Ocean waves give up at shore. Lakes fatigue in summer droughts. But Jesus lives forevermore. Fierce lion roar fades in the wind. Human wisdom is snuffed out. Sun rays dim in... Continue Reading →

Poem: Counting Riches Or Stars?

Bizarre How you Count silly stars That are extremely far When you can count money And build aspirations on this Earth. My friend, for what it's worth Riches are brittle like hay. Dreams are solid clay. Looking to ponder What counts? Wonder. Chad A. Damitz

Poem: The First Sign Of Civilization

What is the first sign of civilization? Let me guess. Fish hooks or clay pots? The expert responded: "No, it's not." The student asked: "What is it then?" A broken femur that has fully healed. In nature, if you break your leg you die. You can't run or hunt and this is why. No lone... Continue Reading →

Poem: Fire From The Void

How are you feeling? Where are you going? Why are you running so fast? The man behind me asked. As we grew apart. His words bounced away. Like wandering stars. They completely decayed. I drifted within. The silence began. I don't know where I am. Even to this day. Who will rescue me? Anyone have... Continue Reading →

Dear Experts, Here is My Novice Poem

I will write a poem without rhymes. But it will only be this one time. That line didn't count. It begins now. Experts don't like too much rhythm. They say it hinders freedom in speech. Also, a true poet should be enigmatic. Like this line: "espied dreams ablaze." But who here had to look up... Continue Reading →

Poem: Dear Jasper Tree, Are You Free?

Hello lovely jasper tree Sitting in the sun with me. Lookout. Don't you see? Eager birds. Flying so free. Are you jealous? Are you sad? Are you happy? Are you mad? Do you like what you really are? A stuck timber who can't go far. Being rooted in the ground. Yes. I am content. Look... Continue Reading →

Poem: The River Journey

Canoeing through the river stream. My soul melding into nature's dream. Lost in the charm of God's creation. Running from countless vexations. As the rapid river flows and bends. Where do I go when this river ends? Into the mouth of an endless sea Or a bordered lake restraining me? © Chad Damitz, 2020.

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