Poem: Fire From The Void

How are you feeling?

Where are you going?

Why are you running so fast?

The man behind me asked.

As we grew apart.

His words bounced away.

Like wandering stars.

They completely decayed.

I drifted within.

The silence began.

I don’t know where I am.

Even to this day.

Who will rescue me?

Anyone have the key

To set me free

From this anxiety?

Then a whirlwind spoke

Out of a blazing fire

I immediately awoke

To the sacred Creator.

All He said was this:

Spit out all your vices.

Then enter my grace.

I felt His sweet embrace.

Then the fire went out.

My body became ember.

I felt refreshed inside

Like rain after a drought.

The man never again asked

Where are you going?

How are you feeling?

Why are you running so fast?

Because I no longer lived in my past.


Chad A. Damitz

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