Poem: Dear Jasper Tree, Are You Free?

Hello lovely jasper tree

Sitting in the sun with me.

Lookout. Don’t you see?

Eager birds. Flying so free.

Are you jealous? Are you sad?

Are you happy? Are you mad?

Do you like what you really are?

A stuck timber who can’t go far.

Being rooted in the ground.

Yes. I am content. Look around.

Birds are lost but I am found.

The sun grants me endless food.

Of course, I am in a happy mood.

The clouds pour out life-saving rain.

I have no reason to complain.

This spot is my cherished home

while the poor birds always roam.

When I see eager birds in flight

I ask: “Are they truly alright?”

To me, it’s such a sad sight.

I say, “They can nestle here.”

And no longer fly in fear.

© Chad Damitz, 2020

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