Poem: The Attributes Of God In Nature

Lord, your mercies renew

Like the summer dew.

Lord, your grace extends

Like the rainbow bends.

Lord, your love quickly grows

Like a new river flows.

Lord, your power is clear

Like the strength of a deer.

Lord, your wisdom unfolds

Like the ancients of old.

Lord, your goodness will shine

Until the end of time.

© Chad Damitz, 2020.

8 thoughts on “Poem: The Attributes Of God In Nature

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  1. Wow, this poem is so special and beautifully describes such a complex and awe-inspiring topic. Wondered if I could have permission to print it in our in-house church magazine here in England, please. We’ve been doing a study on the attributes of God and this would be perfect to accompany an article someone has written. I only print 100 copies and the magazine is free to our members and visitors. I would, of course, credit you under the poem. Blessing … and keep writing. I’ve now found a site to return to! Thanks


    1. Tilly, I would be honored if you shared the poem I wrote on the attributes of God to your church members in England. I am glad it spoke to your heart and my prayer is that the Lord is glorified through the poem. May the Lord bless you in Jesus name. Amen.


      1. Thank you so much. May the Lord bless you greatly in your ministry which stretches over the oceans. Amen


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