Poem: God, Are You Hiding From Us?

God, are you hiding from us?

Or are we hiding from you?

People do slander and cuss.

But there are good people too.

Who want to be neighborly.

They tell me: “God, we can’t see.”

He conceals in the starry night

Like a wild unguided kite.

Of course the evil man is blind.

To the glorious God most High.

But we have been just and kind.

Do you run from us? Tell me why?

God then spoke from above:

“See the sun, feel the wind, hear the dove.”

These are merely a shadow of my love.

I am not hiding from you.

I have never left your side.

In your soul I do abide.

But the world is cruel and cold.

My voice gets drowned out I am told.

So trust in me. I am your Stronghold.

© Chad Damitz, 2020

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