Haiku Poem: The Slithering Snake

Slithering snake sneaks

Behind the white joyful mouse.

Hawk snatches the snake.

A surprise twist at the end. The mouse is rescued by the hawk. Unfortunately, nature is cruel and the snake was eaten by the hawk.

I don’t rejoice in this conflict because all the creatures need to eat in order to survive, and someone gets hurt in the end. Rather, I wait in anticipation for the new Heaven and Earth where God said there will no longer be any death or animosity.

I believe this also includes the animal kingdom. There will be true peace. No more suffering. Are you excited for that day? I know I am! Blessings.

© 2020 Chad A. Damitz

5 thoughts on “Haiku Poem: The Slithering Snake

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  1. Absolutely! I can’t stand to watch animals kill and eat each other – it’s heartbreaking. Yet, I know it is the way it has to be…for now. Yes, i, too, look forward to the day when the lion can lie down with the lamb and not be part of some Discovery Channel documentary.

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    1. Amen Anthony. Hostile Planet is my favorite national geographic show. However, I am looking forward to the day, as you said when the lion can lie down with the lamb. Blessings to you!


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