Haiku Poem: Winter Campfire

Snowfall in the night.

Campfire thaws my frozen face

While breathing in pine.

Have you ever been around a campfire when it’s snowing? You should try it someday! You can feel the cold snowflakes melt on your head while the fire warms your face. It’s a soothing sensation.

One of my favorite smells come from the wintergreen trees. The smell of pine brings back good memories of when I would travel up to Michigan for our church winter retreats. I am thankful to God for all my precious memories.

© 2020 Chad A. Damitz

Snowfall in the night.Campfire thaws my frozen faceWhile breathing in pine.

4 thoughts on “Haiku Poem: Winter Campfire

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  1. Really beautiful words and lovely picture. I too, have been trying to write a Haiku as I didn’t know it was Haiku month until a fellow blogger mentioned it. I love that you talk about your memories of trees. The smell of pine evokes great memories for me as well. Be blessed love 💕 Joni

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