Haiku Poem: Stormy Dream

Strong wind shatters glass.

Tornado stares in my soul.

Wake up from nightmare.

Growing up in Indiana, I had my fair share of tornado warnings at school and home. I distinctly remember playing a baseball game one day in the middle of the country, when all of a sudden tornado sirens were blasted on the concession stand speakers. Everyone had to immediately evacuate to the nearest shelter. It was a scary moment. Thankfully nobody was hurt.

Tornadoes are recurrent dreams. To this day, I still have dreams of seeking shelter from tornadoes. As you might guess, I barely make it to a house or shelter before all of a sudden the tornado rips through the house. And in the end, I do make it out alive.

I have always wondered why I have these dreams. Is it a projection of my fears? Is my life chaotic right now? I don’t feel like this is the case, but maybe on the subconscious level, there might be inner conflict. Whatever the case may be, I continually trust in the Lord. He is the shelter in my storms. Blessings!

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  1. I have been through 4 tornados. Hate ’em. I’ve never suffered pain or loss, but I’ve seen what they do to others. But funny thing, I’ve never dreamed about them; I’ve only dealt with them in reality. Yet, they do affect me still when the sky gets dark in the middle of the day and the air takes on a different hue. But, oh, the blessing of knowing that, no matter what, I know the Master of the wind! I guess that’s why I sleep well and don’t worry about them.

    Now, I have bad dreams now and again, and they vary from those kinds brought about by pizza and those brought about by worry, especially for my daughters.

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    1. Amen. Thanks for sharing Anthony. Now I have to worry about hurricanes living in Florida, haha. Funny thing is when I was growing up, even though I was afraid of tornadoes, I wanted to be a tornado chaser. I think I wanted to overcome my fear by being an expert in it. Anyways, thanks for your comments. Blessings to you and your family.


  2. Growing up in California, I had dreams as a kid about earthquakes, not the cool, rumbly-tumbly ones (I liked those), but the kind where the earth opens up and swallows people seen only in Hollywood movies. And, yes, God is my shelter too.

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    1. Thanks for sharing Mitch! Just the other day I watched a documentary on youtube about the 1906 earthquake that hit San Francisco. There’s famous footage from the Library of Congress that shows a trip down Market Street just less than a year before the city was devastated by the 7.9 magnitude earthquake. Indeed, God is our shelter. Blessings to you!

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