Poem: Dreams Can Become A Snare

You chase future dreams like A cheetah hunting gazelle. Your trophy only in sight Waving the present farewell. Your lofty goal has become A snare to your very soul. Always dreaming and dreaming But never living to feel whole. Chad A. Damitz

Poem: Chase Your Dreams

Have you ever been told that when you grow old never to have regrets and always chase your dreams? Well, this is wise advice. I've been told at least twice that regrets can haunt you and dreams may disappear. So cling to dreams and goals Or regret will take its toll. Don't you want this... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Stormy Dream

Strong wind shatters glass. Tornado stares in my soul. Wake up from nightmare. Growing up in Indiana, I had my fair share of tornado warnings at school and home. I distinctly remember playing a baseball game one day in the middle of the country, when all of a sudden tornado sirens were blasted on the... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Red Cellar Door

Stand. Turn. Look. Move toward The red cellar door of dreams. It's locked from inside. I want the reader to experience this narration. The action verbs used are meant to express an attitude of persistence. You must stand. Get up. Have a vision. Move towards your dreams. Persistence is the key to success. The red... Continue Reading →

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