Chaotic World Poem

We live in a chaotic world indeed

Violence, discrimination, and greed.

What has this mad world come to?

Is there any hope for radical change?

Look past our differences friend

Politics doesn’t matter in the end

If we can’t love one another

For simply being human.

There has got to be a better way

This world is in utter dismay.

So be part of the solution

Do not be part of the problem.

Ask questions and listen more

Breed peace and avoid war

Express empathy and compassion

Whether you feel like it or not.

Be kind to others who are mad

Be a crying shoulder for those sad

Stand up for truth and human rights.

Be brave and gentle. Never give up.

I wrote this poem for several reasons. First, it’s clear from politics and the news that we live in a chaotic world. Republicans and Democrats are constantly fighting and defaming one another. Violence, racial, and religious discrimination happen so often that we become numb to its depravity. In the midst of all this chaos, I ask the simple question: “Is there any hope for radical change?”

I think the answer is yes. We must treat each other with respect. All of us are humans with real emotions. No matter what political or religious worldview you are tied to, respect should be granted since we bear the image of God. Then I challenge the reader, after realizing that humans are intrinsically valuable, to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

How can this happen? By listening more and talking less. By asking questions and honestly inquiring thoughts of those who are different from you. And I will be the first to admit, I struggle with this concept. I tend to talk more than listen. Maybe this is why I blog so much because I like to give my opinion. But in all seriousness, it’s time that we all make a change.

Let’s be kind to others who get mad for no reason. I work in the hospital and patients are sick and needy. They can also be grumpy and mean because of all the pain they are in. I don’t take it personally when they yell and scream at me. I do my best to bite my lip and say, “Okay, my friend. We will help you out the best we can.” Others snap. Others get upset. I am just like them, but I take a deep breath and say, “No!” I will not allow this to happen to me. You have the power inside to do it yourself if you ask God for help.

There are also others who are depressed and need a crying shoulder. This could be you. This could be me. Let’s be there to listen to their agony and support them through adversity. Pray for them. If you are not religious, just tell them you will keep them in your thoughts. All of us are able to express this kindness to those suffering from anxiety and depression.

Lastly, do not give up. The world wants you to get on their bandwagon of complaint and bitterness. Do not let this happen to you. Be positive. Confront others with the truth in love by saying, “Hey, I respect you. I care for you, but do you realize how much you complain?” I think it’s good to confront others because oftentimes we bicker subconsciously. It’s part of our DNA and social newsfeed. But let’s be different. Let’s fight for truth and love. Blessings!

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