Poem: Window of Joy

I gaze through my window pane

Flowers blossoming in gentle rain.

I open the glass for a better view

Hands get wet from morning dew.

The jaybirds chirp a song so sweet

Smell of gardenia can’t be beat

As the sun slowly warms my face

I can only picture Gods lovely grace.

He made this lovely creation.

The Lord deserves a lofty ovation.

Thanks for the sun, birds, and flower

I worship you this divine hour.

I wrote this poem because there are moments in life where you pause and reflect on the beauty of creation. You may be busy doing house chores or working endlessly in the office, but creation captures you. It’s these snapshots in our life that I believe bring ultimate meaning and purpose to why we exist. I wanted to express this in a poem.

In the springtime, you hear the birds chirp. You smell the flowers blossoming. My Dad’s favorite smell is gardenia. I wanted to incorporate all this into the poem because to me, this is a perfect snapshot of soaking in the beauty and majesty of nature.

At the same time, the beauty of nature is a reflection of something much greater. The artist of the painting. The author of the story. Isn’t it the person or “being” behind the image or story that we get more excited to learn about? God is the one who made this lovely creation. God should, therefore, deserve a lofty ovation. Because when we gaze at nature, we realize how truly complex and intricate life is. Then we ponder the brain of the Architect behind it all–God.

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