Pray for Paradise Island: Fiji

Population: 854,098 Capital: Suva Official Language: English, Hindustani, and Bau Fijian Area: Fiji is located 1,200 miles Northeast of New Zealand. There are two larger and 110 smaller inhabited islands, both volcanic and coralline. There is around 7,100 square miles of land in this area, slightly larger than the state of Connecticut. Prayer Requests Fiji has an abundant amount of… Read More Pray for Paradise Island: Fiji

On Mission for the Great Commission

What is a mission statement? Both Christians and non-Christians talk about this concept. Businesses think through missions.The Coca-Cola mission statement is to refresh the world, inspire moments of optimism, and to make a value and difference in the world. Armies strategize their missions to protect and serve their country. Ordinary people may say their mission… Read More On Mission for the Great Commission