Is God the Basis for Morality? Part 2

  As you recall from part 1, I argued that it is more rational to believe that morals originated from an intrinsically valuable, intelligent Creator (commonly known as God) than for morals to have emerged evolutionarily through a valueless, non-intelligent, cause-effect physical process. To defend this argument, I suggested three criteria that every valid ethical system... Continue Reading →

Is God the Basis for Morality? Part 1

Before I argue that God is the best explanation for moral values, I want to first clear up four misconceptions that people have regarding morality. You do not have to believe in God to perform moral actions. An Atheist can give his wife flowers on Valentine's Day, be a crying shoulder for a friend, or give... Continue Reading →

Christian Wisdom Involves Weekly Accountability And Prayer

I encourage you to have an accountability check-up with a friend, relative, or pastor that you know well. Here are specific questions that you can ask one another as you meet at Starbucks, work, church, etc.  1. How had God blessed you this week? What went right? What problem consumed your thoughts? What went wrong?... Continue Reading →

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