Christian Wisdom Involves Weekly Accountability And Prayer

I encourage you to have an accountability check-up with a friend, relative, or pastor that you know well. Here are specific questions that you can ask one another as you meet at Starbucks, work, church, etc. 

1. How had God blessed you this week? What went right? What problem consumed your thoughts? What went wrong?

2. Have you read God’s word consistently this week? What did you learn? How will you apply it in your life? Describe your prayers for yourself and others. Are you spending time communicating with God? How has your relationship with Christ grown over the past week?

3. How were you tempted this week? How did you respond? Do you have any unconfessed sin in your life? If so, would you like to share it? Did you worship in church this week? Was your faith in Jesus strengthened? Have you shared your faith? Tell me about your experience.

4. How is your relationship going with friends? family? spouse? How are your children doing? Are you encouraging them? How are your finances? Are you sharing, saving, or spending in a godly manner?

5. Do you feel you are following God’s will? Do you sense his peace and presence in your life? What are you struggling with? Have you made provisions to overcome this struggle? Are your priorities in the right order? Is your moral and ethical behavior as it should be?

6. Have you lied about any of these questions? Then you can close with 10 minutes of prayer and focus on the concerns of the week. This is a great tool to keep one another accountable. It should be practiced with grace and humility.

These questions were taken from The Man in the Mirror. For more help, see their website at

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