Poem: The Mirror From Within

Is this really me

facing the lucid glass?

Reflections without

Don’t reflect within.

Radiating smile.

Jovial blue eyes.

Unstained teeth.

Don’t show underneath.

I let the world know

My self is fine.

Then I calmly hide

While storms brew inside.

But the show must go on.

I play the lead role.

Worship my image.

Ignore the soul.

Even as I write free

I am taming these words.

Because I am afraid

Of what you think of me.

Don’t judge. You do the same.

Your front stage dominates.

Happy, pretty, and witty

To breathe in that fame.

But when your left alone

You spit out bitter accolades.

Taking the moment to feel

What the real self is like.

Grasping the moment to feel

Yes, feel, the real self inside.

Chad A. Damitz

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