Poem: Letter To God In A Dreary Storm

Dreary drips of rain.

Thunder in the night.

Endless strife and pain.

No true comfort in sight.

Where is my hope found.

If storms surround me?

To sorrow I am bound.

Who will set me free?

If there is a God.

My soul cries out now.

I am deeply flawed.

But please hear this vow.

If you do exist.

Pardon my vice.

Hear is my long list.

What is your price?

A voice spoke from above.

Salvation is free.

By my limitless love.

Revealed at Calvary.

Your flaws are clear.

I know you have sinned.

But you shall not fear.

You can be born again.

Ask me to be your rock.

When the storm rages.

Follow where I walk.

Throughout eternal ages.

Chad A. Damitz

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