Haiku Poem: Waves Of Distraction

Waves of distraction

Crash over our busy souls.

Let’s swim to escape!

I write this poem on my phone, which is a distraction itself. How ironic is that? Social media, likes, and comments are what the world seems to live for now.

Trying to succeed in our workplace has also left us with a busy and weary soul. We become workaholics to prove to our bosses that we can make it to the top. Even at the expense of our own physical and emotional well-being.

It’s okay to dream big. Being a diligent worker is honoring to the Lord. Being social and making connections is admirable.

But sometimes we need a moment of silence. A time to swim and escape all the noise of the world. A place to meditate on the goodness of God and life itself.

A moment to contemplate and introspect who we are and the meaning of life. So take a moment to pause, breathe in, and just relax. Blessings!

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