Poem: The Flood Of Noah And God’s Promise

God told Noah to build an Ark.

The Lord said, “Time to embarck.”

Noah reluctantly replied, “Why?”

Because my creation likes to defy.

Their wicked deeds are very clear.

They disobey my laws without fear.

So Noah gathered gopher wood.

He built the boat as fast as he could.

Now gather animals of every kind.

Warn others or they will be left behind.

People thought Noah was insane

Until the strong rain finally came

When Noah was completely done

The ark shut and there was no sun.

God’s flood lasted 40 days and nights.

Even mountains drowned in sight.

Many perished and God did mourn.

But a new covenant was born.

When Noah looked up in the sky

A bright rainbow pierced his eye.

God will not destroy the world again.

He made a new way to judge for sin.

By sending His Son to die in our place.

Bestowing grace for the human race.

© Chad Damitz, 2020.

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