Haiku Poem: The Brilliant Sun

The sun warms my face

From a million miles away.

Brilliant precision.

The sun is 92.96 million miles away. To put this in perspective, if you and I were to fly on a commercial airplane averaging 550 mph, it would take us approximately 19 years to land on the sun. This star is much farther away than we perceive when looking up in the sky.

And this ball of fire can reach up to 27 million degrees Fahrenheit (5,7778 Kelvin). It’s good to know we are so far away from this star because if we were just a few million miles closer, the oceans would boil, the plants would wither, and we would burn up. If the sun were just a few million miles further in the cosmos, our planet would freeze and life would become uninhabitable.

The fine-tuning of this universe just shows the brilliant precision of where these celestial planets are bounded in space. If the adjustments were slightly off, life would be impossible. In my opinion, the only explanation for this extraordinary precision is because an intelligent, all-powerful being created this world. Without a grand architect, life would be impossible. Praise be to God!

© Chad Damitz, 2020.

#Haiku #Poetry

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