Haiku Poem: Windowpane Soul

Windy rain sneaks in

through my rigid windowpane.

Tears fall out my eyes.

Storms of life come upon us quickly. Betrayal, loss of a friend, disease, and unemployment are just a few common afflictions we experience. In our storms, we try to hold in the emotions. We bottle them inside thinking that this is the best remedy for our sadness.

But the windy rain will eventually sneak in through the cracks. Our cracks are part of being human. We are not invincible. The rigid windowpane of our souls can’t hold in the struggles of life forever. Eventually, our emotions will project into the physical world.

Tears fall out of the eyes. This is an appropriate response. When we go through hardships, expressing your emotions is an important step to getting better. Let a family member, friend, co-worker, or therapist know if you are struggling from within.

I personally believe in the God of the Bible. He took on human flesh as Jesus of Nazareth. You may not be religious, and I respect that. But if you ever need encouragement, read the book of Psalms. It will give you hope and peace. Blessings to you my friend.

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