Haiku Poem: Lonely Ash

Lonelier than ash

On a burned-out campfire.

Dreams go back to dust.

Bonfires are filled with life and fun. You invite friends to camp out around the fire to laugh, recall memories, and cherish this precious moment. Growing up, I would look forward to the fall for this reason: to have S’mores, listen to music, and relax around the campfire.

But when the campfire is burned out, no one goes back to sing and dance. The wood that was once filled with vibrant energy has collapsed into ashes. Loneliness is like this ash. It can come upon you suddenly. One moment you feel great and a second later it feels like your dreams have been snuffed out.

I want you to know, despite your loneliness, there is hope in God. There is hope in life. Keep the bonfire in your hearts alive even if you feel the ashes coming. Never give up and remain positive. Trust in the Lord, and He will help you through your pain. Blessings!

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