Haiku Poem: Glaciers

Unstable Glaciers

Crashing into the Oceans.

Humans are upset.

Did you know that from 1941 to 2004, approximately seven miles of glaciers have melted on this planet? This statistic is based on the National Snow and Ice Data Center, experts on polar and cryospheric research.

This fact alone should stir in our hearts the need to do something about global warming. I myself am a conservative. I am not motivated by any political agenda. Science is my friend and I follow where the facts lead.

This poem was born after watching Hostile Planet by Bear Grylls. The unstable glaciers crashing into the ocean is a clear picture. At first, I thought about writing on line three that “Penguins are upset” to convey the message that creatures living there are affected. It throws off their ecosystem.

But it’s important to insert “human” because this is a problem for us too. It needs to be written about. Because if we won’t do anything about it, who will?

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