Haiku Poem: Blue Moon

Blue moon in winter.

Evergreen trees hugged by snow.

Wolves howl in the night.

When I think of a moon, I always envision a wolf howling. If it’s a blue moon, winter comes to my mind. I wanted to paint this picture in my head as I thought about how I could string these words together in a 5 syllable line.

I must confess that the word “evergreen” is one of my favorites. You will see this word show up in other poems I have created. For me, the smell of pine and the look of this tree are mystical and positive.

To bring the snow to life, I wanted to use an anthropomorphic verb. The snow hugging the trees shows a symbiotic relationship. The two are in harmony, especially during the winter.

Wolves, of course, howl at night. This is in their DNA. It’s part of who they are. I wanted to capture this image of a blue moon with evergreen trees and the sound of a wolf howling. In essence, this is wildlife in my psyche.

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