Poem: The Charm Of Wintery Nights

My breath turns to fog.

My feet crunch in snow.

I sit on nature’s log

As the cold wind blows.

There is beauty here

In the winter’s calm.

The moon is so clear

As I warm my palms.

Gazing the night sky

Introspecting life

Wondering just why

There is pain and strife.

But the stars twinkle hope

Evergreen trees divine

Strength of the antelope

Tells me the world is fine.

4 thoughts on “Poem: The Charm Of Wintery Nights

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    1. Thank you! I wrote this poem because it reminds me of the wintery nights in my homeland: Indiana. I now live in Florida and don’t get to experience winter’s charm, but my wife and I do enjoy the warm weather. Blessings!


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