Poem: Misjudged Cry

A stranger walked by and wondered why I stared at the sky and began to cry. He patted me on the back and sobbed too. My friend. My friend. I am just like you! The world can be sad, cruel, and mean. I know exactly what you have seen. "Thanks," I replied. But these are... Continue Reading →

Poem: Humanity Will Overcome This Plague

This cruel plague bites quickly Faster than a scorpion stings. It vexes innocent victims airways Mountains of bitterness it brings. Could this be the end of days? Will our civilization venture anew? Might this hideous virus be stopped? My nervous friend, I wish I knew. But one thing I know is for certain The human... Continue Reading →

Haiku Poem: Wildlife Extravaganza

Extravaganza! The wolf pack chasing gazelles Through the snowy woods. If you want to experience an adrenaline rush, observe wildlife. It's more suspenseful than any Hollywood film can create because nature is real and unrehearsed. Unfortunately, nature can be cruel. Survival of the fittest is the main theme on this hostile planet.

Haiku Poem: Pinwheels Of The Sky

Vast Galaxies Swirl. Rotating disks of bright stars Like a pinwheel toy. Growing up, my art teacher would have us make pinwheels. These toys were made of plastic curls that would attach to a stick by a pin. Their colorful design was mesmerizing when they would spin in the wind. The galaxies in the universe... Continue Reading →

Poem: The Charm Of Wintery Nights

My breath turns to fog. My feet crunch in the snow. I sit on nature's log As the cold wind blows. There is beauty here In the winter's calm. The moon is so clear As I warm my palms. Gazing the night sky Introspecting life Wondering just why There is pain and strife. But the... Continue Reading →

4 Apologetic Methods for God’s Existence

The word apologetic doesn't mean what it sounds like. It comes from the Greek word ἀπολογία--to speak in defense of one's worldview. In our case, Christianity. Therefore, when discussing the 4 different types of apologetic systems, I am referring to the various methodologies Christians use to defend their faith. Are you ready to learn? Let's begin. The... Continue Reading →

Nietzsche’s Philosophy is Self-Defeating and He Admits It

Nietzsche’s work at first glance seems scholarly and erudite, but after careful analysis, its filled with enigmatic aphorisms that are oftentimes contradictory and incoherent. Of course, Nietzsche embraced contradictions because he presupposed humans were irrational creatures trying to find universal truth through “pounding uncertainty into straight arrows.” He wrote about this in his book Human,... Continue Reading →

Is God the Basis for Morality? Part 1

Before I argue that God is the best explanation for moral values, I want to first clear up four misconceptions that people have regarding morality. You do not have to believe in God to perform moral actions. An Atheist can give his wife flowers on Valentine's Day, be a crying shoulder for a friend, or give... Continue Reading →

What is a Worldview and Why is it Important?

A worldview is defined as, "a particular philosophy of life or conception of the world. It's the way one perceives the reality they live in." A worldview gives an individual a perspective of their reality, which leads to developing values, priorities, decisions, and how one applies it into their lives. Here are some questions a... Continue Reading →

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