Poem: Life Comes from Above

Our lives are a mere breath

They are a passing shadow.

Like the waves that crash ashore

Blink an eye, they are no more.

But the God who spun galaxies

Who wove us in our mother’s womb

Has neither beginning nor end

Mere mortals like us cant contend.

Thank goodness God is full of grace

His limitless love He imparts

Breathes into us eternal divine

Conquers death and bellows: “Your mine.”

While this journey on earth fades

Bones brittle like a worn tree branch

There is still hope for immortality

Since God enthroned offers vitality.

I wrote this poem to express my inner thoughts on the mystery of time. It seems like every new decade I live in, time continues to speed up. The best metaphor I could come up with, living in Florida, is how the waves crash unto the beachfront. In one moment you see the foam from the wave and after you blink your eye, it disappears. Time seems to vanish so quickly.

While this reminds me of my mortality, I look above to the God who spun the galaxies. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. He is outside of space and time. He is not contingent upon the brutality of time. He is the necessary being. Quite frankly, without God’s existence, time would be the ultimate foe.

But it’s not. There is hope in God. He can conquer death. He is the one who gave us life and breath. He is able to take it away, but He is also able to bring it back. I know the Lord wants the best for all of us. The Bible says in 2 Peter 3:9 that He is not willing that anyone perishes, but that all come to repentance. He wants to give us all immortality. This is what eternal life is all about.

So while this journey on earth will quickly fade just like a tree branch, there is still hope for an afterlife. If God is enthroned above, He has the power to overcome time. How is this so? Time is a contingent entity. It relies upon the universe. It moves within the universe. However, God is not contingent. God is the necessary being. When we put our faith and trust in Him, He can make the decision to grant us immortality. Isn’t this glorious news? I think so!

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