Worry Overcomer

Worry is such a crude beast

It freezes and cripples me.

It never shows any mercy.

It’s like being tossed in the sea

In the middle of a raging storm.

I must cry out. Yes I do!

“Jesus, My Lord, I need you!”

Help me calm down

Deliver me from this dread

Because in the Bible you said.

“I am the Prince of Peace.”

Don’t allow my thoughts to wonder

To worst case scenerios

Replace my worry with trust.

Oh please, Lord, you must!

Don’t let me drown in this sin

I know I am born again.

So I have the power to overcome

I have the Holy Spirit who calms

This is true. I know it is!

Thanks, Lord. All is still.

Your gentle Spirit I can feel.

I am so thankful for you!

My rock and redeemer

My master and defender.

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