Daily Devotional: What Does It Mean To Worship?

"Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker; for he is our God and we are the people of his pasture, the flock under his care (Ps. 95:6-7, NIV)." Worship is a common act by both religious and non-religious people from around the world. In traditional terms, it means to... Continue Reading →

Poem: The God of Amazing Grace

Across the deep blue sea You would swim to me. Through the rugged valleys You would still find me. Within the arctic cold You would surely take hold. In the driest of Deserts You would not desert me. For you are the Lord My heart leans toward. Forever I will chase The God of amazing... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Why Your Diet And Exercise Are Spiritual Acts of Worship

According to Nutrition: From Science To You, over 200,000 Americans die from diabetic complications--a condition related to an inadequate regulation of blood glucose. This illness is often associated with poor eating habits and a lack of exercise. Moreover, an estimated 25.8 million Americans have diabetes. Unfortunately, if this trend continues, it is likely that one-third... Continue Reading →

Poem: Still, I Will Sing To God On High

If winter fails to blossom Into spring And the sun Forbears to shine Still, I will sing To God on High. If darkness grips Like a thunderstorm And flowers faint On a bitter day Still, I will sing To God on High. If dreams are lost in the ocean abyss And hope hides In the... Continue Reading →

Poem: Father Almighty God In Glory

Father Almighty in Glory. You are Holy, Holy, Holy. Angels bow before your throne. All praise is given to You alone. You created the Heavens and Earth. You knew me before my birth. My lovely, majestic Eternal King. You make my heart joyfully sing. When darkness feels my weary soul I call on you Father... Continue Reading →

Poem: The Lord Jesus Is Our Protector And Defender

The Lord will never leave your side. He is your shelter and place to hide. When you face dark storms in this life Jesus the light will guide you from strife. God will protect you from evil men who desire to plague you with their sin. The King of glory will be your shield Cry... Continue Reading →

American Christian, Who Do You Worship?

“Now the first covenant had regulations for worship and also an earthly sanctuary." -Hebrews 9:1 The word worship comes from the old English word “Worth-ship”. This is a stronger term than honor and adoration you would offer to a human being—only a Supreme Being God is worthy of worship. Ironically, a word that is closely... Continue Reading →

People tend to get caught up in where they should worship God, what music they should listen to, or not listen to, and how their style of praising God looks to other people. Should I be silent, sing along, raise up one hand, or maybe both? However, this is not the right focus and misses... Continue Reading →

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