My name is Chad Damitz and I am a follower of Jesus, husband to a beautiful wife, and Father of four. I enjoy writing Bible commentaries, devotionals, theological treatises, and poetry—all for the glory of God.

In 2012, I graduated with a Master of Divinity degree from Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. I was a Pastor for two years in Kentucky (2011-2013) and three years in Indiana (2013-2016). Currently, I focus on this website as a Christian missionary to the whole world.

How did you come to trust Christ as your Savior?

I came to trust Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord when I was introduced to Him by my best friend while attending college. I was able to ask him difficult questions and observe his godly lifestyle—which convinced me God was real.

One day, I was reading the story of the Ethiopian Eunuch who was baptized by Phillip the Evangelist. Afterwards, I asked my friend if he would also baptize me since I believed in the gospel. We filled up a bath tub and prayed to the Lord. It was this day in November of 2007 that I trusted in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

What is your favorite part of Scripture and why?

If I had to choose my favorite Scripture verse it would be Ephesians 2:8-9 which states: “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.”

This passage is pivotal for knowing the grace we receive as sinners. If it wasn’t for this free gift bestowed upon me by Jesus, I would rightfully suffer the vengeance of God’s wrath. However, God, rich in His mercy, bled in my place and gave me His righteousness. Praise God!

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  1. Thanks for this beautiful testimony. The whole world should Like this, especially considering you are so young. Incidentally, your favorite scripture happens to be my favorite scripture, too. God bless you, may you go far in your ministry. i love you very much.


  2. Chad, thanks for liking my post. I wonder if you know about the Grace Conference every year up at Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church in the north suburbs of Chicago. We’ve been going for about five years and can highly recommend it. My mentor, Dr. Robert Lightner, from Dallas Seminary speaks there every year. I think you might like it and they have something for pastor’s wives and great stuff for kids while you’re there. They have scholarships if you are financially challenged (what pastor isn’t???) and can also help with housing or put you up somewhere. Here’s info: http://www.graceconference.com/qrbbc Let me know if I can help with any information. It is always refreshing for my wife and I. Even my seventeen year-old looks forward to it every year.


    1. Hey J Garrott. Sorry it took me so long to respond to your message. That’s interesting to hear that you are the youngest grandson of Carver! I was mightily blessed when I went to Southern Seminary in Louisville, and hope to go back in the future to pursue my D.Min. Keep up the good work brother!


  3. Hello to you Mr. Chad,
    I read your article on Mark 16:15-16. I found it encouraging to find that I am not alone honoring Christ’s words. I feel that this “sinner’s prayer” doctrine for salvation is part of what 2 Thes 2:3 is revealing. And the sheer # of churches/ ministries that have swallowed this false doctrine ” hook, line & sinker” is a testimony of the sad state that many are in today.
    My wife and I live close to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We are looking for a church that will follow Mar 16:15-16 and baptize by sprinkling. We would love to hear from.
    May the Lord Jesus bless and rejoice you and your family.
    Robert Perras
    Ephesians 6:24


    1. Hello Robert, thanks for your encouraging comments. Let’s continue to be like the Bereans, receiving the Word of God with a readiness of mind, and searching the Scriptures daily (Acts 17:11). I pray the Lord will continue to use you mightily for God’s kingdom and you will find a biblically sound church. Blessings!


  4. Dear Ambassador of God, Greetings from India in Jesus our Lord.

    I am a Servant of God.

    Could you please pray for the salvation of the perishing souls in India?

    Thinking you,
    Your Servant for Jesus our Lord


    1. Isaac. Thanks for reaching out. I will continue to pray for the great country of India and that revival will continue to flourish. May the Lord pour out His Spirit and grace to your country. Blessings to you brother. Have a great day!


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