Is Christian Blogging Still Worth It In The Year 2021?

Is Christian blogging still worth your time in the year 2020? The short answer is yes! The long answer, well, may take a few more paragraphs to explain. But I promise to do my best to keep your attention for the next few minutes. Let’s get started!

As of today, there are more than 500 million websites out of 1.7 billion devoted to blogging. That accounts for about 30% of all websites on the internet.

At this rate, there are around 2 million blog posts a day! Based on these statistics, I would say blogging is still very much alive.

Now that I have shown you blogging is still popular in the year 2020, is it worth your time and energy? Previously I said yes, but it really depends on what you want to gain from blogging.

If you think blogging will earn you real income quickly, that just won’t happen. It takes a lot of effort and patience to grow your blog. People say if you want to earn even a part-time income, it takes on average 6 months and a 40 hour a week commitment.

This doesn’t mean it is impossible. In fact, there are several people in the world today who make a living off their blogs. They earn this by placing google ads on their site, through affiliate marketing, selling e-books on their page, and asking for donations through a paypal account.

Keep in mind, however, most servers like WordPress require you to upgrade to a more expensive plan in order to monetize your site. Therefore, it would be prudent to first establish your blog with a solid gain of followers and visitors before going to the next level. Otherwise, you may lose money.

Ok, so there is nothing wrong with making money online through blogging, but this may not be enough motivation to succeed in the blogging world. You need to have a greater vision than that, especially as a Christian blogger.

For it to be truly worth it, you need to have a desire to see your Christian blog as a ministry. You must visualize your Bible teaching, theological insights, and words of encouragement as a ministry that has kingdom-minded potential. This is what has kept me motivated for the past seven years.

I wrote a recent blog here entitled: 7 reasons you should write a Christian blog. If you want to keep trucking along, I will just highlight the seven ideas below and you can read the article in more depth later. Here they are:

  • Christian blogging cultivates personal spiritual growth.
  • Christian blogging provides opportunity for world evangelism.
  • Christian blogging provides a positive influence on the culture.
  • Christian blogging allows you to defend the truth in love.
  • Christian blogging honors God and His word.
  • Christian blogging extends hope to the broken-hearted.
  • Christian blogging makes disciples for Jesus.

The reason I wrote this article is because I see Christian blogging as more essential than ever before. For instance, more people are getting their spiritual insight from the online community.

This is not the ideal situation. I think human interaction and face to face communication works best, but ever since the COVID-19 pandemic infiltrated the world, people were forced to use online ministries as an avenue to feed their souls.

Church gatherings still remain unsafe. People are hesitant to take the risk of attending places where they may contract the disease. Also, pastors who are less experienced in sharing their message online may cause church members to seek spiritual guidance elsewhere.

Consequently, we have entered a new digital age. An age where you have the unique opportunity to study God’s word and be a voice to the world. Yes, we have had the internet for a long time. Yes, people could start blogs even 20 years ago, but the mood has changed. The paradigm has shifted.

I see this as both an advantage and disadvantage for the future state of the church and world evangelism.

Let’s start with the advantages. With a need for spiritual growth, local churches won’t be able to completely fulfill the believers desire to grow in their Christian walk.

They will need relevant articles and Bible studies to peruse with just a click of a button, such as 202 evangelism conversation starters I provide on my own blog. As a Christian blogger, you can fill that role by posting content that will strengthen their faith and equip them to be better disciples of Jesus.

Another advantage to this new digital age will be a surplus of people searching to find resources online since they are not being provided as effectively as before.

For example, sermons usually require a large audience. Therefore, they may not be available live for the church member due to The Center For Disease Control stipulations on church gatherings.

If the church is small and doesn’t have adequate resources to provide online sermons or training, church members may try to find Christian blogs that have sermons or bible studies online. This will be another opportunity for you to provide this resource for them.

Lastly, an advantage to the physical church going more online is the opportunity for hearing viewpoints that are unique and even different. For example, some people are comfortable in the church they have attended for years, but maybe their theology or Scripture beliefs are not being challenged enough. This is a problem that needs to be corrected.

However, when the world goes online, and people are forced to hear other views, denominational positions, and even philosophies that contradict God’s word, Christians will be more exposed to new ideas. This may help them become more well-rounded and sympathetic towards the Christian community at large and also the unbelieving world.

This advantage may also turn into a disadvantage. When more people write blog posts and share their theological views, there will inevitably become more false ideas and doctrines that do not align with the word of God.

The Bible warns us not to be tossed around by every wind and wave of doctrine. The apostles warned us about false teachers and deceiving spirits in the last days. Therefore, Christians must be vigilant Bereans ready to defend the Judeo-Christian worldview.

Another disadvantage to the new digital age is a further progression from physical human interaction. I am afraid this will lead to poorer social skills, a more jaded society, an increase in loneliness, and an extreme individualism that is not healthy for the human race and the gospel.

This is already happening now. For example, growing up I would be outside most of the day interacting with my friends in reality. Now, most kids don’t communicate with neighborhood friends but instead isolate themselves inside and play video games.

As a result, when these younger generations interact in the real world, they are often shy, unable to keep good eye contact, and have poor communication skills. How will people effectively share the good news that God saves sinners if they don’t have this basic social skill to keep a conversation going?

I believe the world needs people to communicate face to face. God designed us for relationships. And since the start of this pandemic, many people have become depressed and even strayed away from the gospel. That’s because they are not being held accountable or praying for each other in person.

While the digital age is an opportunity for bloggers to grow their following, it is also a sad result of the way technology has dehumanized us all. But this is our current situation and we need to make the best out of what we have.

In the end, Christian blogging today is absolutely essential. People are looking for truth, hope, and meaning in this world. Therefore, we should be the loudest voice on the internet since we have God’s eternal truth.

This doesn’t mean our ministries should ever replace the local church. It is a temporary fix to the pandemic situation we are currently in. It is my hope and prayer things get back to normal quickly. There is no replacement for the gathering of God’s people. Worship is meant to be administered corporately.

Nonetheless, this dark hour is an opportunity to greatly expand the kingdom of God to a world in desperate need of Him. There are many people today who would never step inside of a physical church, but they may read a Christian blog or article that you wrote out of curiosity on the web.

Thus, let’s all do our part to write blogs and articles for the glory of God. Not all of us will choose to write a Christian blog and use it as a tool for evangelism. But all of us should be committed to sharing our faith with the world. Jesus told us to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. This is a command that all of us need to obey. Blessings to you on this worthwhile journey to serve our Creator. Let’s pray!

Heavenly Father, you are King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Give us wisdom and passion to share your good news throughout the world. In this digital age, we have an awesome privilege to share kingdom-minded truths. Help us to build a strong Christian blog to be a courageous voice in this dark world. In the end, all honor, glory, and praise belongs to you. In Jesus name. Amen.

8 thoughts on “Is Christian Blogging Still Worth It In The Year 2021?

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    1. Amen. Jesus told us to go into all the world and preach the gospel to everyone. The internet is a great resource to share His truth. May the Lord be with you as you share the grace and mercy of our King. Blessings!


  1. Honestly, I was thinking of not renewing my subscription. I figured: Who’s reading? I do feel called to share the Word. When you have a chance, check out my Christian or faith-based blog I believe it might resonate with you as a believer. I chose the name Leap from the Pages because I want the faith…the strength…the obedience of those in the Word to not just be stories to us, but to leap from the pages of the Bible and become real in our lives.


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Never give up on writing. God’s word will not return void (Isaiah 55:11). When you write, the most important reader is God. May the Lord bless you and your endeavors.

      Liked by 1 person

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