My Poems End With Hope

Relentless waves come crashing in.

I turn upside down and begin to spin.

No boat to dock. No lighthouse to guide.

Just a merciless moon rising the tide.

Cold. Wet. Dark. No direction to go.

Am I drowning in a sea of woe?

It can’t be. This is not the end of my story!

Wake up. See the sun. Horizon’s glory.

Paddle like a sailfish. Fight like the mako shark.

The flesh is weak but my spirit needs a spark.

Calm waves finally start settling in.

I am upright and able to balance again.

There’s a boat to dock. A lighthouse I can see.

The moon is asleep. I am almost free.

Warm. Dry. Light. A direction to go.

No longer drowning in a sea of woe!

It can truly be. This is the end of my story.

Thanks be to God. For He is my glory!

© Chad Damitz, 2020

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