Haiku Poem: Free Spirited Joy

Horses galloping

Through Kentucky bluegrass hills.

Free Spirited joy.

I lived in Kentucky for 4 years. Whenever I would travel from Louisville to Frankfort, I would be enraptured by the rolling bluegrass hills and the horse farms.

With my windows down and the fresh air blowing in my face, I felt so free-spirited. Like a horse galloping in the wind with no particular direction.

While these special moments of creation are joyous, they only point us to something greater: The Creator and Maker of the horses and bluegrass. He is where our ultimate satisfaction comes from. May He bless you with His Spirit. Only then will you be truly free. Blessings!

© Chad Damitz, 2020.

5 thoughts on “Haiku Poem: Free Spirited Joy

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  1. I too have lived in Lexington Kentucky many moons ago for three years. You should have seen it then there were people that lived in the hills there that built their own cabins, picked greens from the hill to eat with corn bread and drove little tractors. Beautiful places where view people lived. Great Haiku and thanks for the memories. Love 💕 Joni

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