Haiku Poem: Free Verse Poetry

Free verse poetry

Saying rules restrict freedom?

False liberation.

Free verse is art just like formal poetry. There are many great poets who have well-crafted poems in free verse.

That being said, in my opinion, modern poetry is deconstructing syntax, grammar, rhyme, meter, and rules. This leads people to believe that self-expression is more important than creating meaning for the reader.

When there are no rules, rhyme, or meter to your poems, then it’s akin to a person hitting a bunch of keys on the piano and calling it art.

There is something deeper here than just art and expression. It’s even more than language, rules, and grammar. Modern poetry is a reflection of the culture.

This postmodernism breaks down to where meaning becomes enigmatic. The more convoluted a piece, the better some say.

But what is the point of art if others can’t relate to it? Maybe this is why only the elitist culture seems to enjoy poetry? Ironically, the poet is “liberated” while his or her readers are entangled in esoteric mind games.

I think we should go back to formal poetry. We need a Robert Frost and more Shakespeare’s. Those who follow the rules. Those who can bring structure to a chaotic world.

I welcome your thoughts. Have a beautiful day!

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