Live for Jesus Now So You Will Be Prepared When He Comes Back


“Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour. (Matthew 25:13)”

I work at Costco. We found out a week ago that our CEO was going to drop by for a visit. This news changed the entire workplace environment.

For instance, all of the employees got extra hours to ensure the place was running smoothly. Also, our general manager has been cleaning every spot in the entire warehouse. Just yesterday I saw him cleaning a hidden corner where cobwebs were growing.

At first thought, it made no sense why our general manager was cleaning a hidden corner of cobwebs instead of managing his 100+ employees. But then it dawned on me how significant that spot really was.

The CEO is not going to look for the obvious. Most warehouses will have their inventory lined up, cash registers updated, and protocols for managing the safety of the store. So what the CEO is looking for is how well a warehouse does, even on the most minute of detail; hence, the cobweb in the furthermost corner of the massive building.

The same is true with us. As Christians, we know Jesus is coming back. He is going to visit us soon. And we must be sober-minded, vigilant, and living a godly lifestyle (Philip. 2:15) just like a bride prepares herself on the wedding day.

But Jesus is also going to look at the not so obvious things in our life. How did we treat the person in the car in front of us during a traffic jam? What was our attitude when we got a bad grade in class? Did we smile or even say Hi to our neighbor before rushing off to work?

I would encourage you to think about the small details in your life and do all you can to bring glory, honor, and God through it. The good news is that our righteousness doesn’t depend on us. Jesus already died on the cross for our sins.

We are now free to live for Him any way we want, but don’t you want to make him proud? If I work tirelessly to make my supervisors impressed at Costco, how much more should I work tirelessly to live a holy and blameless life? May God give you the strength and power to do so today!



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