As a Christian, I can’t Vote for Clinton or Trump.


As a Christian, I can’t support Trump’s misogynistic worldview, Clinton’s age-based discrimination of the unborn, or Johnson’s extreme view of limited government, which is borderline anarchy. Thus, I have decided to vote for a write-in candidate for President, Evan McMullin. He is a conservative leader with conservative values. You can find out more about him here. 

When I told my Facebook friends I wasn’t going to vote for Donald Trump, this is what one individual told me: “You will be handing the future of the Supreme Court, our boarders and, sanctity of life over to Hillary Clinton…..simple as that.”

Here is how I responded: I will not be handing over the sanctity of life, our borders, and the future of the Supreme Court over to Hillary Clinton. The Republican party bears that responsibility.

I am deeply concerned with the sanctity of life, but the way to win this battle is not solely through the political process. If conservatives are deeply concerned, then the way to combat it in Kokomo is to follow your local pro-life board. They are always looking for help. Call them up and ask to take a lead.

Second, build relationships with broken sinners who see the value of parenting a precious child. Visit them before they walk into an abortion clinic. If they already performed an abortion and regret it, buy them lunch and pray for healing.

Third, create a website and blog about the problems relating to abortion and how to bring awareness. is a great example of a blog you can mimic in your local area. Crowdfunding is a great resource to use in order to generate funds to expand.

Fourth, continue to support local agencies like the Pregnancy Resource Center. I know your church has done a great job supporting this great agency, but maybe there is an opportunity to do even more. You can always write a letter to the Editor and share your heart on these issues.

As Christians, we are called not only to show up, vote, and stand for our convictions, but also pour our lives into hurting people who desperately need the grace of God. That includes everyone! In the end, each one of us will give an account for how we responded in this election. I won’t tell you who to vote for and I think there are good arguments on both sides. But as for me, this is what I have chosen.

Another friend of mine told me that not endorsing Donald Trump is like a neighborhood pal that wanted to play baseball with the rest of us but his team lost badly, he became upset and went home even though we said we were playing.

Here is how I responded to this argument. Good thoughts. I agree with you that loyalty is important. However, what if you found out the rest of your baseball team was bullying other kids in the neighborhood without your awareness. Even though you made a pact in the beginning to play until the end, would it be right for you to stay loyal to these friends? The only way to remain loyal is to ask your friends to apologize and change their behavior. But after the second presidential debate, I believe Trump made it clear he hasn’t changed. I hope he does, but at this point, the trajectory only looks worse for him. Surely I will pray for him, but he should have been removed from the team to protect the Republican party’s reputation. The Republican party will never be the same again.

I understand the emotional difficulty it has become to choose the right president for this year’s election. I still believe it’s vital you vote for somebody, but remember. As Christians, Jesus is our President. He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. While we serve this great nation America, it’s not our permanent home. Therefore, let’s be good citizens of the United States as we continue praising Jesus as the King of our hearts. God bless you all.

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  1. First, where did anyone ever get the idea that THE Donald possesses a misogynistic worldview?

    That is a lie manufactured by the Democrat Party and blasted out into the public by the media which is the slavish mouthpiece of the Democrat Party.

    Further, Roe vs Wade was a Supreme Court decision that made the Great Genocide of the Unborn, a constitutional right.

    There is nothing any local organization can do to stop a conjured up human right that legalizes genocide.

    Hillary Clinton is a proven criminal.

    THE Donald is a good man who has lived a good life.

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