The Supreme Court’s Decision on Same-Sex Marriage is not Supreme

Sadly, under the guise of “civil rights,” same-sex marriage has become legal in all 50 states. While I am confident that the separation of church and state ideology will be readily proclaimed in the marketplace, it’s quite clear that the illusion of liberty of conscience has been judged and found wanting.

As a Christian, I realize all of us are sinners and in need of the grace and mercy of Christ. I am no better than those who choose a homosexual lifestyle and pray for God to humble me every day. However, I can’t condone same-sex marriage because it violates the very nature of creation and the Creator of the world. 

As a pastor, if a heterosexual couple came up to me and said, “marry me,” and I found out they were living together or just wanted a beautiful “traditional” wedding, I would refuse to marry them until they trusted in Christ. Why would someone want my blessing by God if they didn’t believe in the same God I worship?

The same is true for same-sex couples. The bible teaches that it’s sin just like living together before marriage is sin and I believe God’s word is clear on the subject. Consequently, if put into a situation where a same-sex couple or heterosexual couple cohabitating before marriage asks me to marry them, even if it’s breaking the law or considered a hate crime, my answer is a prayerful “no.” I will obey God before men.

I do pray that wisdom and insight be given to our President as this will lead to a further cultural divide among the people who feel their freedom “of” religion is being taken away by a secularized, totalitarian-oriented freedom “from” religion agenda. Mr. President, I will continue to pray for you because God has chosen you to lead our nation. Supreme Court, you made one of the most important decisions that will personally affect all generations. While I strongly disagree with your decision, I will be praying for you too.

Christians, do not lose heart but trust in God. I want to end with a quote from my preaching professor, Dr. Hershel York. He said: “The first marriage was between a perfect man and a perfect woman. The last marriage will be between a glorified man, the Lord Jesus, and his sanctified bride, the church. Between those two weddings, humanity has marred and defaced the institution of marriage in many ways, including this new way. But the Lord Jesus will have the last say.”

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