Afghan Insider Attacks US troops at Camp Qargha near Kabul


On Tuesday, August 5th, 2014, 16 American and British troops at Camp Qargha, west of Kabul, Afghanistan, were attacked by an Afghan insider dressed in an army uniform. At least three coalition troops, including a two star Major General, were killed in the tragic incident. The general has not been named, and is currently the highest ranking member of the American military to be killed in the Afghanistan war since its inception on October 7th, 2001.

General Mohammed Zahir Azimi, a spokesman for the Afghanistan’s Defense Ministry, said the killer was a “terrorist in an army uniform.” Intelligent sources are still uncertain whether the individual was a member of the Afghanistan military or part of the terrorist groups Al-Qaeda and Taliban. Azimi said the shooter had been killed.

Since 2012, killings by uniformed Afghans of foreign soldiers has increased as NATO and other international troops began working closely with the people of Afghanistan to help fight against the local insurgents and terrorist organizations there. For instance, in Helmand, Captain Walter Reid Barrie was shot and killed in the Nad Ali District on November 11th, two British soldiers were killed by an Afghan policeman last October and in the same month, another militant police officer poisoned at least six Afghan people.

Please continue to pray for the families of those who lost their lives, and also for the country of Afghanistan. There is a lot of uncertainty with what is going to happen as more international troops continue pulling out of this country.

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