The Rise in Urbanization

Did you know that by the year 2050, 85% of the population will live in big cities? This clearly demonstrates the rise of modernization, industrialization, and is a sociocultural shift that will forever change the way humans interact.

What causes urbanization? It occurs as individuals, commercial businesses, social and governmental efforts conglomerate to places that are already making an economic impact. Many of these cities grow because they offer diversity and marketplace competition for future entrepreneurs, and are an endless service of goods for the individual consumer. But is the city as great as people say?

Some of the negative aspects of living in a city are stress, daily life costs, and social identity issues. In addition, as people move away from the rural culture, there are less farmers tending crops and livestock to feed the people domestically. What happens then? More food is shipped from farther away, making it difficult to have fresh food that is healthy. Lastly, when the population of the city grows, it has to deal with an increase of pollution. Just read in the news about the crisis happening in China as a result of overpopulated cities.

Do you think urbanization is a positive direction for our sociological upbringing? Do the benefits outweigh the concerns? How do you think urbanization will affect future generations? How will it change our methodology of sharing the good news of Jesus with others? Always glad to hear your thoughts on the matter.



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