Everyday is a Special Day

Sun Pillar

“This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it (Ps. 118:24).”

Christmas is over. I understand the melancholy you feel. It’s time to put down the tree, lights, and decorations. It’s time to say goodbye to your friends and loved ones. The laughter and good conversations you had will no longer be a present memory, but a past reflection of the good ol’ days.

In less than a week, New Year’s will be celebrated. Before you know it, convenient stores will have an aisle dedicated to cupid, heart candy, and flowers. What happens between these days? Are they insignificant moments? I don’t think so. God tells us that everyday is significant. When you wake up today, rejoice and be glad. Why? Because God has purposed in His will to create another day so make the most out of it.

God brought the sunshine forth. Your heart is still beating today. If you are able to read this, your mind is still working. Therefore, don’t allow the melancholy or the good moments of yesterday spoil what God has planned for you today. Do you believe that? Then start living everyday like it’s a special gift from God… because it is!

One thought on “Everyday is a Special Day

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  1. Every day being the most important day of my life, alleviates the necessity to have a special one in order to be thankful, contemplative.
    It is indeed my life that matters so much, for what I do affects, touches you in ways I may never know.
    My heart is what I most want to give you, and then take you with me, into the next moment… tomorrow. This in itself is reason enough to care very much, about all the ‘ little things ‘ I do… today.


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