Haiku Poem: Wise Night Owl

The wise night owl hoots. Nestled in the carved out tree. Eyes are all you see. Did you know the owls' eyes are binocular and immobile? This means they can focus both eyes on a distant object with exquisite depth perception. And although their eyes are fixed, they make up for this restriction. For instance,... Continue Reading →

Poem: Do You Ever Wonder Why?

Deep ocean blue Vast clear sky Lofty stone mountains Do you wonder why? Bountiful misty jungles Desolate deserts dry Massive carved canyons Do you wonder why? Flat treeless tundra Redwood forests high Icy turquoise glaciers Do you wonder why? © Chad Damitz, 2020

Haiku Poem: Buffalo Quake

Quickly find shelter! A buffalo stampede soon. We feel our feet quake. In this haiku, I wanted to induce surprise at the beginning for the reader. What are we hiding from? You might ask. In the next line, the truth is revealed. A buffalo stampede is coming on the horizon. The line builds suspense because... Continue Reading →

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