Haiku Poem: The Mystery of Time

Time is faster thanThe peregrine falcon andSlower than a sloth. We don't have the power to slow down or speed up time. Only God is in control of this mysterious part of life. May we seek the eternal Lord today while He still may be found. Haiku by Chad A. Damitz

Poem: Inescapable Time

Time is swiftly passing by Years turn into days Days turn into hours Hours turn into seconds. Time will not stand still. It doesn't beckon at our will. As we grow tired and old Through quicksand we hold Our precious memories of the past They slip through our hands so fast. As we near the... Continue Reading →

Suspend Time

Time used to pace with a snail But now its faster than the cheetah. You try to grasp every moment But it slips like sand through your hands. At ten school is unbearably slow. At twenty time begins to really flow. At thirty the hour turns into seconds. At forty time cautiously beckons. At fifty... Continue Reading →

Use Your Time Wisely For God

What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes." - James 4:14Idea:┬áThe average American lives to be 78 years old. If you multiply this number by a year, that gives 28,470 days of life. The first 15 years are spent in childhood and early adolescence. Approximately... Continue Reading →

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