Poem: Dreams In Nature

Dreams drip from the weary eye Asking a million questions why Promises burned into ashes On a snowy wintry night? Dreams shrivel from the flower Asking a million questions an hour Why did the sun forget to shine On a dark and dreary summer day? Dreams hibernate underground Still asking questions until I found A... Continue Reading →

Poem: Wondering Under The Crisp Blue Moon

As I gaze upon this crisp blue moon. Under the blanket by the campfire. My soul longs to be much higher. Like a butterfly freed from her cocoon. If I spread my wings and fly away. My soul will journey to endless seas. Opening doors with nature's keys. All will be sunny and no longer... Continue Reading →

Day at the Zoo

Going to the zoo without a care Zebras, giraffes, elephants, bears kangaroos, lions, birds everywhere. Take a lunch break on a wooden chair Mom has a sandwich, I have a pear. Next exhibit: Sumatran Tiger--how rare! A mountain lion--sign says beware. Also saw a racka with lots of hair then after the zoo we went... Continue Reading →

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