Avoiding the Trap of Temptation: Proverbs 7 and the Wisdom of God

I. Introduction The book of Proverbs is a collection of wisdom literature that provides practical guidance for living a wise and virtuous life. There are several themes that the main author, King Solomon, writes about in his journey as King of Israel. For instance, he speaks on wisdom, virtue, relationships, work, money, and justice. All... Continue Reading →

Unpacking the Mystery of the Trinity: Exploring Scripture, History, and Theology

I. Introduction B.B. Warfield, a prominent theologian and former professor at Princeton Theological Seminary, once said this concerning the doctrine of the Trinity: "The doctrine of the Trinity is the foundation of the Christian religion. Without this doctrine, the whole edifice of Christian faith and practice crumbles." In this blog post, my goal is to... Continue Reading →

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